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I am an Australian residing in sunny Los Angeles and an ex-ballet dancer embracing a lifelong love affair with the arts and storytelling. A zeal for mindfulness, social justice, nature, travel, and a stellar cup of coffee inspire my work. 

I strive to encounter a sense of wonder each day.

Currently, I am completing a Bachelor's of Psychology at Swinburne University and an International Coaching Federation accredited Mindfulness and Wellness Coach training program. Read more about my education and employment history here.


My mission as a coach is to rekindle the light inside creators, visionaries, and carers who feel disconnected and burnt-out by utilising mindfulness, somatics, and whole-hearted coaching. I endeavour to utilise evidence-based practices.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

“Your treasure--your perfection--is within you already. But to claim it, you must leave the busy commotion of the mind and abandon the desires of the ego and enter into the silence of the heart.” Liz Gilbert

Things that are important to me as a coach and human: 

  • Self-care and self-compassion. Healing ourselves so that we may know our value and our power to affect change in our lives and the lives of those around us. 

  • Striving for equality, access, and justice - especially in mental health.

  • Living in integrity. Knowing our values and living in alignment with those values.

  • Always being open. Open to change, open to our own growth and the growth of those around us.  

  • Living from love. Understanding that living from love means standing up for anti-racist systems, equality and human rights. Seeing the humanity in every being. 

  • Weird is wonderful.​

  • Leaning into the difficult aspects of human nature. When we can learn to sit with our own discomfort and that of others, we allow healing to happen.

  • Play. Creativity. Awe.

  • Non-judgement.

  • Owning our interconnectedness. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. How we treat the environment affects every one of us. When we begin to acknowledge this, we begin to make choices that benefit all living beings.

Land Acknowledgement

I currently reside on land stolen from the Gabrieliño-Tongva tribe and Chumash tribe of Northern America. I acknowledge the devastating loss of peoples and cultures through colonialism past and present.


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