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Curiosity: Your Key To Creative Success

This article was originally published on Ms In The Biz on November 24th 2015

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re an actor, writer, or a creator of some (probably multi-hyphenate) description. And since you’re here on the Ms In The Biz site, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re some mix of ambitious go-getter, make-it-happen gal or guy, always seeking more. Whether you’ve acknowledged it or not, you’re almost certainly an entrepreneur – at the least, you’re undeniably a creative business owner, a brand and a commodity. And as a seeker, you want more because that’s part of being an creative entrepreneur; having a burning desire and passion to succeed.

Curiosity is a key to that success. And here’s why…

Being Curious

Has anyone ever told you something you’ve already heard, and you automatically respond with, “I know”. It’s so easy for our brains to auto-pilot to what we already know. But what would happen if you were to interrupt that auto-response and took a moment to really listen to the other person? What if by doing that you heard (or saw, or felt) something new? Perhaps you could take in something you didn’t know before. What if you were to really let something land; a compliment, an observation, or something that may seem otherwise arbitrary.

By stepping away from the “I know” brain to the “curious brain”, a whole new world of possibilities may open to you.

Curious Brain and Childlike Wonder

So if Curious Brain is the antithesis to the “I know” brain, it means living in a perpetual state of openness, curiosity and interest. It opens channels for communication, engagement and learning.

There’s also something magical about children and their tireless curiosity and wonder. It’s refreshing, inspiring, and enlightening. What connects you to your childlike wonder?

For me it’s being in nature; in particular collecting rocks and climbing trees. For some of us, it may not be something we’ve connected to in some time and may require a little digging, (maybe literally – bucket and spade anyone?!)

Why It Matters

There are so many reasons why curiosity matters.

The part of your brain that is engaged in these moments of childlike wonder is integral to problem solving and thinking outside the box, to critical and creative thinking, and to generating new ideas.

It also matters because we are artists, in one form or another. For better or worse, we must create. It is a need within each every human and we are brave enough to honor that calling.

Why It Really Matters

Childlike wonder, also known as play, is where we come home. It is a state of being in which fear and anxiety cannot reside. It is freedom and unbridled creativity. It is animalistic.

And it is a skill. Yes, a skill we are innately born with but it’s an instinctive skill that most of us have ultimately suppressed. Because of culture, society, and a list of must-do’s and must-be’s, we’ve learned to cover our playful instincts.

Some of us may even have negative, subconscious stories that say play is bad, futile or an idle waste of time. We may have learned to feel self-conscious when we play.

And why this really matters is; when we lose our play, we lose ourselves.

The Art of Play

I invite you to re-ignite this skill – this art of play. For it is here that you can find yourself again. It may take discipline and a commitment but, I promise you, your life, your career, your relationships – all of it will change for the better when you practice play.

Curiosity When Facing Uncertainty

Curiosity is a powerful tool in turning fear of the unknown on its head.

If curiosity and play cannot co-exist with fear, then

Is there somewhere in your life that you are currently experiencing a fear of the unknown? Or experiencing anxiety and questioning your path or your choices?

Coming at challenges from a place of fear and anxiety can be very limiting. Meaning, when you’re in a state of fear or anxiety, your creativity is stunted and you’re blocked off from your creative source. Often things seem impossible.

But, what if it was possible to flip the situation and tweak that story?

Instead of being anxious, how about being curious?

Being curious is a very empowering way of being. Curiosity stimulates growth, learning and reveals possibilities.

As women, and men, in this business, we not only need creative solutions; we need to continuously pioneer unique and effective ways of engaging with our audiences.

So, my invitation to you all this month is, GO PLAY. And let me know what you learn 🙂


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