1-on-1 Coaching

Coaching is an exercise in possibility. 

Sessions are most effective when you are ready and willing to walk into the fire; the fire of your fears, limiting stories and wounds, in order to create true healing and change; and to start living from possibility.  

I do work that addresses all aspects of our nature; the light and the shadow. Our work together is not therapy, but it is deep, transformational work. If you're wanting a coach because you're hoping someone else has the answers, then you're probably not ready.

Free Coaching Introductory Session

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My work draws on teachers like Brene Brown, Esther Perel, Roshi Joan Halifax, somatics and trauma pioneers, Bessel Van der Kolk, MD and Dr. Peter Levine, Martha Beck, Tara Brach, Harriet Lerner, and Stephen Covey. 

Session Offerings

Quick Spark: 30 minute single session


Deep Dive: 2 hour single session


Real Change: One Month (4x 30 mins)


Lasting Change: Six Months (24x 30 mins)


*Additional coaching formats available, pricing on request

General Information

Typically sessions take place over video call (i.e. Skype or FaceTime), though arrangements can be made for in-person sessions. 

Most often I suggest starting with a month of coaching, 4x 30 minute calls. Once we begin we can adjust timing as needed. For example, some clients prefer longer calls twice a month, or shorter calls more often. My commitment is to you and what works best for your growth.



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